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Recipe For A Good Life

4 lbs. experience of age
4 lbs. enthusiasm of youth
2 lbs. friendship
2 lbs. love
1 lb. charity
1 lb. forgiveness
1 1/2 oz.. wit
1 oz. humor
2 tsp. sweetened temper
1 1/2 pint rippling laughter
1 large wine glass common sense 2 qt. milk of human kindness
1 box comforting hugs
Mix experience of age and enthusiasm of youth in a clean, well furnished room.  Sift out and discard the envy, hatred, malice and jealously they contain.  In their place add friendship, love, charity and forgiveness. Pour in the rippling laughter and common sense.  Spice with wit, humor and milk of human kindness.  Flavor with sweetened temper and comforting hugs.  Work well together and bake in the oven of truth.  The finished product will serve a needy community, feed the hungry, nourish the sick, relieve the distressed, and comfort a child.  When all are cared for, there will be more left over than you started with.

Thank You Lady Lynda 
June 12, 2023

I've returned to your site several times in past month and now I'm making little Awards.  I have included one here for your Recipe Pages.
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