Thanks for stopping in.  You came this far so I guess you want to know something about me.  Well for starters, here is my mug shot.
Now if I didn't scare you away, I will tell you about my beginning.
Well that's ancient history, so I will start telling how my interest in computers came about.
In April 1997 I purchased a computer. I didn't know anything about computers and didn't even know what a modem was.  I read every book I could to learn the ropes. 
Shortly after getting my computer, I wanted to be online.  I spent many hours 'surfing the net'.  I saw all the personal web pages out there and said "I want my own web page!"  I applied at Geocities and got my space.  I created my first page using Netscape Navigator Gold and the Official Navigator Gold 3.0 Book. I learned by my mistakes and I now have my place on the World Wide Web. I have since graduated to Netscape Composer. I now have about 12 different sites and over 500 pages on the net.  Guess you can say I an a web-page-aholic.
Thinking I had a good web page, I applied to my Community Leader to be a Featured Page.  She proceeded to help me correct all my mistakes. And believe me there were quite a few.  I then asked her if I too could be a Community Leader.  On July 17, 1997 I became a Community Leader in Yosemite Rapids.
Since then I have held many position in Yosemite, including Liaison of Yosemite Forest, leader of the Soaring Eagle Committee and Co-liaison of Yosemite.  I have written several tutorials for homesteaders. Learn how to create a Photo Carousel, Lake Applet or Snow Applet. There is also some basic tutorials for applying graphics, sound or backgrounds to your page. Visit My Tutorials.
This site has received several awards.   I created the Extraordinary Woman Award so I could present an award to other women creating web pages.   This award is presented to any woman who maintains her own site and still maintains her home and family.
Since then I have learned many new things, mostly by reading and trial and error.  My favorite pasttime is creating web graphics for others to use on there sites.  I have created 100's of background sets, snow globes and suncatcher, using Paint Shop Pro.  You can see my creations at:  Jo's Background Gallery.
I outgrew my very basic first computer and just had to get a new one.  In April 2000 I got a new Gateway and I am so pleased with it.
Personal Data
As you can see by my pic, I am not a young chick.  I am a 61 year old mother of 4 grown children and gramma to 19 lovely grandchildren ages 6 months - 23, and 2 great-grandsons.  Just to brag a little, one grand- daughter attends college on a full scholarship.  She will be studying to be a teacher.  Another attends college to become a nurse and another goes to cosmotology school.
I am also a wife of over 40 years to Jim.  We live on a lake in Wisconsin and enjoy fishing and boating.  Our dog, Risky is our fishing buddy and accompanies us on our pontoon boat every time it leaves the pier.  We also enjoy traveling and camping in our 30 foot Motorhome.
I also work part-time for a nursing agency and part-time at a nursing home. I have been an LPN for almost 30 years.   Visit Jo's Nursing Station and Women's Health 2000.
Fun Things to do
When my friends and family visit we enjoy playing cards. Some of the games we play are Samba, Sheepshead, Euchre, and Poker. 

Rules & How to Play of Samba
Sheepshead Page

We also play a lot of Dominoes and Uno.

I enjoy gambling whenever I have the time and money. I play Wisconsin's lotteries and visit the casinos whenever possible. I love to play bingo, keno and the slot machines. 
Ho Chunk casino
Menominee casino bingo hotel
Oneida bingo casino
Potawatomi bingo casino milwaukee
Wisconsin gaming & casino guide

I love getting E-Mail from people with similar interests.
I would love to hear your comments on my site.
"Keeper of the Stars"

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